About Us

BHMA is a regional Asian Pacific hotel management company. It provides management for all sizes of hotels, resorts, villas, spas and serviced apartments. The company is owned by the ASX listed Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) and operated by a mix of international and local executives with high-level experience in all areas of the industry.

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Head Office Bangkok

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your bespoke property

BHMA is able to adopt a very flexible and pragmatic approach to all challenges and tasks, and thereafter able to tailor-make solutions to meet each client’s needs. Unlike large corporations in the management industry we have no rigid set structures that we must follow, enabling us to think outside the box and get things just right for just your bespoke property.

What makes

BHMA Different

What makes BHMA different is that we have true international expertise in management services for both hotels & resort properties as well as condominium & villa developments. These services take our clients all the way from the very early sourcing & planning stages right through to the operations, management and running of establishments.