Technical Services & Pre-Opening

Once the direction for the project is set, the next phase is the execution of the plan. It is at this stage that owners often underestimate how critical it is to engage a specialist hotel consulting firm. The end result of this is a badly planned project that will ultimately require changes along the path to completion that will come at a significant cost to the owner.

As part of our technical services and pre-opening support services, we will be working closely with the project manager, architect, consultancy team, designers and project team, in every aspect to ensure a precise pre-opening work flow that will guarantee the original plans are translated into an operational reality with striking efficiency.

As a privately owned independent group, BHMA is not handicapped by tradition or policy, and can move quickly to help owners successfully complete their hotel on time and on budget.

The team of professionals at BHMA are your perfect partners to take your ideas and turn them into fully a working and effective reality. We stand ready to take you through every stage of the development & construction process.

Signing the Technical Services agreement with BHMA
Design/ Construction permit – 16 to 24 months
Market research and financial analysis – 12 months
Technical services for construction (for the whole duration of planning and construction)
Signing the Management Contract with BHMA
Sales and marketing contracts / travel wholesale and web based
Pre-opening sales and marketing promotions
Building website and online reservations
Set up Operational departments, Finance, HR, etc
Hiring GM
Hiring department head and sales team
Hiring the Staff